Best Arcade Games to Play with Kids Under 8

kids arcade games

The arcade has a magical way of blending retro fun with modern entertainment – and it’s suitable for people of all ages! Every At The Pier Arcade prides itself on being a family entertainment center, offering an unbeatable experience for the whole family.

If you’re wondering where to take kids for fun on the weekend or during vacation, then a kid-friendly arcade is a fantastic bet!

The following unique and entertaining arcade games for kids under 8 promise hours of fun, ensuring that your little one has the time of their life.

Cranes and Claws

Cranes and claws are the perfect examples of prize merchandisers that reveal desirable prizes from the start. While some vending machines are filled with teddy bears, others have bouncing balls or even candy, getting the player excited before the game even begins.

There’s no specific skill barrier needed for the crane or claw, making it an adrenaline-filled experience for young children. It also offers a great lesson in patience and can help refine motor skills!

Air Hockey

Air hockey is a fan favorite at the arcade, which is why the game has stood the test of time! No family fun center would be complete without an air hockey table to introduce a bit of competitive energy and excitement.

The table game has simple rules and is great for players of all ages, offering a unique type of workout. Playing air hockey is a fun way to make new friends, enhance reflexes and enjoy controlled adrenaline boosts.

Coin Pushers

If you’re looking for a simple yet effective game, look no further than the coin pusher. The all-time favorite arcade game is easy to play, with a choice of difficulty levels for all players to enjoy.

It’s not only the moving coins that offer an adrenaline-filled experience, but the light and sound features add to the thrill too!


If you’ve ever visited an arcade, you’ll be familiar with the riveting Skee-Ball game. Who would have thought that rolling a ball up an inclined lane could offer such wonderful moments of exhilaration (and disappointment)!

As one of the first redemption games invented, Skee-Ball rewards the player according to their score. With tokens and tickets at stake, the intensity of the game increases! Skee-Ball is a fun and exciting game for children of all ages, increasing their hand-eye coordination, motor skills, and spatial awareness in the process.


Basketball hoops bring the much-loved court game into the arcade and give players the chance to be a sports-star! Every time a ball sinks the hoop, the player gets a rush of adrenaline. It’s perfect for some friendly competition with family and friends.

At the arcade, basketball is simple. Aim and shoot for the hoop and sink as many balls as possible within each round. It’s an easy game to play and offers a physical release too.

Video Games

Not every video game is appropriate for all ages, but there is a fun-loving kid’s category of video games at every At The Pier Arcade location. Your youngster can choose a game that suits their interest and abilities, and bond with friends and family as they see who can score the most points (or win the race).

Video games offer hours of fun at the arcade, but that’s not all! They also help children hone their problem-solving skills and strengthen their cognitive skills – now that’s a win-win!

As you can see, the arcade is one of the most fun places to go with the family. There’s a game and experience to suit each player of every age, providing memorable moments to be lived over and over again!

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