We are At the Pier Arcade

With more than 90 arcades & affiliate locations, 25,000 games & attractions, and countless happy memories created across North America, At The Pier Arcade is on a mission to bring families and friends closer together through the power of play.

How it Works: Power-Up, Play, Win!

Step 1: Power-Up

Start by purchasing gameplay at our counter or exchange kiosks. Pro tip: the more you buy, the better the deal!

Step 2: Play

Now that you have your gameplay ready to go, you can play any game in the arcade! As you play, you’ll win points for prizes.

Step 3: Win

Time to score some loot! Take your heaping collection of points, head to the prize counter, and redeem your points for awesome prizes like toys, games, collectibles, and more!

Pro Tip: How to Check Your Game Card Balance

Using your phone or mobile device’s camera, scan the QR code on the back of your Game Card! You’ll be directed to a web page to see all your stats.

Play Together &
Remember Forever

Our arcades are designed to encourage creating timeless memories through play and social engagement, with plenty of multiplayer games, party rooms, and prizes worth sharing.

Every At The Pier Arcade location is packed with a wide variety of games and attractions that everyone can enjoy! From retro classics to futuristic wonders—and everything in between—there’s no shortage of ways to laugh, play, smile, and have a blast. The games and memories are here for all to enjoy!

Meet Venu+,
our parent company

A global leader in the entertainment industry, Venu+ creates unforgettable, family-friendly experiences. From big moments—like an epic birthday party at the arcade—to “small” ones—like a quick stop at the penny press in your favorite theme park—we Create Timeless Memories that bring us together, make the ordinary extraordinary, and last a lifetime.

The Venu+ family includes At The Pier Arcade along with a number of other entertainment-related brands and products, including souvenir penny presses, kiddie rides and attractions, candy and vending kiosks, specialty ice creams, and more!

Join the Fun: Now Hiring

Want to join our team? At The Pier Arcade is a member of the Venu+ family of businesses that craft FUN for a living, and we are hiring for a variety of positions across North America.

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